CHS Ag services also supplies proprietary branded specialty fertilizers products.

XLR-rate™ starter and foliar fertilizer from CHS Crop Nutrients Wholesale are available to farmers through member cooperatives and agriculture retailers across North America.

XLR-rate™ Liquid Starter & Foliar Fertilizers low-salt, high-orthophosphate NPK blend

Product Information MNP: micro-nutrient pack

  • XLR-rate™ 2-17-17 Label
  • XLR-rate™ 2-17-17 with MNP Label 
  • XLR-rate™ 7-23-5 Label
  • XLR-rate™ 7-23-5 with MNP    Label 
  • XLR-rate™ 7-17-3 with MNP    Label
  • XLR-rate™ 7-23-5 with MNPZ  Label
  • XLR-rate™ 10-4-3 with MNP    Label


CHS Aventine™ fertilizer products are available to farmers via CHS Service Centers. 

Safety Data Sheets
View safety data sheets of proprietary CHS crop nutrient products and access those provided by our global nutrient supply partners.

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