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Country Morning for Thursday, November 23, 2017 (full story)

Agriculture Today for Wednesday, November 22, 2017 (full story)

Country Morning for Wednesday, November 22, 2017 (full story)

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Drift Task Force says the new EPA label changes for dicamba does not address vapor drift. To protect Minnesota farmers, the task force believes the state needs to consider volatility. A new label is recommended for Minnesota, which only had a one-year regist... (full story)

After five days of trade talks, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer offered a pessimistic view for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Lighthizer said Canada and Mexico have refused to “seriously engage” in the trade talks. In a statement, Lighthizer urged his counterparts... (full story)

The 2018 class for the American Soybean Association DuPont Young Leader program has been announced. Adam Guetter of Wabasso, Minnesota; Logan Ferry of Manvel, North Dakota; Kevin and Brianna Deinert of Mount Vernon, South Dakota and Jordan and Samantha Scott of Valley Springs, South Dakota will part... (full story)

The North Dakota 4-H Ambassadors have selected eight youth to join their team. New additions include: Brittany Barnhardt and Mara Mornemann of Morton County, Victoria Christensen of Stutsman County, Mary Goroski of Richland County, Alyssa Kemp of Pembina County, Eva Lahlum of LaMoure County, Nora... (full story)

Farm Rescue is now offering livestock producers feeding assistance in six states throughout the Midwest. The assistance is provided by volunteers, known as “Angels in Blue,” and equipment to support livestock feeding when a rancher is unable to do so. Founder and President Bill Gross say... (full story)

Chairman of the task force, Bob Worth, told RRFN dicamba works, but soybean farmers don’t want to have the issues the product caused this year. Worth says farmers want the product. “A lot of people had no issues with dicamba this past year. There is a fair amount of people who had the... (full story)

In Minnesota Soybean’s recommendations on dicamba, the group also asks the Minnesota Ag Department to include a temperature cutoff. This includes no application if predicted or actual temperature high is at 85-degrees Fahrenheit or above. Minnesota Soybean’s Director of Research Dr. Davi... (full story)

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Drift Task Force has written a letter to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture recommending the Department adapt a new EPA label for dicamba in Minnesota, determine a cutoff date for application with collaboration from the industry and initiate education... (full story)

Many seed companies have made the transition from Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans to Roundup Ready 2 Xtend plantform. Channel regional agronomy lead John Everwein says this change will provide better weed control options in the future.            ... (full story)

Dry conditions in the western and central Dakotas challenged feed supplies and caused herd liquidation for cattle producers this year. Innovus Agra LLC owner Brett Oelke says the bright spots for livestock producers are lower feed grains costs. “A lot of the by-product feeds are readily availa... (full story)

In a tough economy, farmers are experiencing more stress than previous years. Minnesota Department of Agriculture Director of Mental Health Outreach Ted Matthews says the stressors placed upon agriculture right now are a serious problem. In particular, Matthews is worried about the future. "Farmers... (full story)

Hebron, North Dakota rancher Joel Opp says the area is still dry, but they haven’t had to start feeding their cows yet. “We haven’t had to start feeding any hay yet, but we did have to buy a fair amount of hay to be ready for when we start feeding. I don’t know if we have eno... (full story)

The agriculture industry is working to better understand volatility and temperature inversions. North Dakota State University Extension pesticide program specialist Andrew Thostenson says inversions don’t create problems. It’s what happens when an inversion is in place when pesticides... (full story)

Mike Landuyt owns a cattle feeding operation in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Landitt says the big challenge for feeders is capturing market opportunities. “We’ve had good opportunities this year if you’re able to capitalize them when they’re there. With volatility in the market... (full story)

Minnesota agriculture commissioner Frederickson did release a statement to RRFN regarding the letter. Frederickson said he appreciates the efforts of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association and their Drift Task Force. “The recommendations they provided to the Department, along with informati... (full story)

Farmers and ranchers in southwestern North Dakota are planning for another year of dry conditions. That makes good planning for 2018 crucial. North Dakota State University Extension Livestock Specialist Jana Kincheloe explains. “Our economy, combined with the drought can make a big impact on... (full story)

Agriculture Today for Tuesday, November 21, 2017 (full story)

Country Morning for Tuesday, November 21, 2017 (full story)

Low cost farming continues to help farmers survive another year. Four years is a long time for farmers to survive tough times. What’s keeping some farmers afloat? South Dakota State University Extension Risk Management Specialist Matt Diersen says crop farmers doing well are controlling variab... (full story)

University of Minnesota Extension Grain Marketing Specialist Ed Usset says in each of the last three years, there have been opportunities for farmers to sell grain. For farmers in southern Minnesota, Usset says $4 cash corn was doable. “You had to be ready. You had to be willing to act when... (full story)

Northland College Farm Business Management Instructor Betsy Jensen thinks there will be more spring wheat acres next year. “You can get more than $6 cash for spring wheat," she says. "If you compare that to $3 corn and the amout of inputs that go into corn versus wheat, I think spring wheat... (full story)

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven and NRCS Acting Chief Jordan met with farm groups on Monday afternoon to talk priorities on the conservation program to establish local policy or include in the upcoming farm bill. “The group I pull together is going to come up with five to seven recommendation... (full story)

As the Environmental Protection Agency prepares to release RVOs in the Renewable Fuel Standard later this month, National Farmers Union biofuels advisor Anne Steckel says biodiesel is the big concern. However, Steckel thinks the White House will stay supportive of renewable fuels. “There was... (full story)

With the issue of a 90-day Electronic Logging Device waiver for livestock haulers, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Executive Director of Government Affairs Allison Cooke says the waiver is part of an effort to allow more time. The Department of Transportation still needs to review the... (full story)

Two Minnesota turkeys are expected to get a pardon from President Donald Trump today. National Turkey Federation Chairman Carl Wittenburg raised the birds with the help of local 4-H members at his home at Alexandria, Minnesota. "My wife and I collaborated with Douglas County 4-H and formed a Science... (full story)

National Grain and Feed Association President and CEO Randy Gordon says the association is supportive of modernizing NAFTA. U.S. agricultural exports have been on the rise, which include value-added agriculture as well. "Over 23 years, we've seen a 450 percent increase in U.S. ag exports to both Can... (full story)

Agriculture Today for Monday, November 20, 2017 (full story)

Country Morning for Monday, November 20, 2017 (full story)

Bunge North America and Grupo Minsa have terminated an agreement that would have given Bunge a controlling interest in Minsa. Grupo Minsa operates four corn flour plants in Mexico and two in the United States. A change in Minsa’s business model in Mexico resulted in the decision. (full story)

The placement figure in Friday’s USDA Cattle-on-Feed Report was above pre-report expectations. Placements totaled nearly 2.4 million head, which is ten percent higher than a year ago. The trade was expecting an eight percent increase. The total on-feed and marketings figures were up six percen... (full story)

NDFB President Daryl Lies will serve another two-year term. Dana Kaldor of Hillsboro was elected vice president. Kaldor succeeds Chris Brossart of Wolford, who had been the vice president since 2009. (full story)

The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are proposing a two-year delay for the Waters of the United States rule. EPA previously said it would delay the effective date for WOTUS and this action makes that official. This decision gives the agencies time to make changes in... (full story)

Before heading out of town for the Thanksgiving recess, the House passed tax reform legislation. The Senate Finance Committee also approved its version of a tax bill and the bill is expected to reach the Senate floor after Thanksgiving. The tax reform plan has a $1.5 trillion impact on the deficit... (full story)

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar see the farm bill as a place for a bipartisan win. "The farm bill stands out as a place where we have had bipartisan support in the past. When you look at that coalition, you think where could some of the wins be if you're (House Speaker) Paul Ryan or (Senate Majority... (full story)

Minnesota Farm Service Agency State Executive Director Joe Martin tells RRFN the biggest challenge for Minnesota farmers right now continues to be the price. He says there will be a need for FSA programs. He wants to provide great service to Minnesota farmers. “Some folks are at breakeven leve... (full story)

USDA State Rural Development Director Brad Finstad is Minnesota’s liaison to the USDA in Washington D.C. He is also a spokesperson for USDA. Finstad hopes to help rural communities thrive. “Whether it’s economic development, childcare, helping wastewater infrastructure facilities... (full story)

The North Dakota State College of Science Agriculture Department received nearly 100 acres of land to provide students with hands-on learning experiences. NDSCS Agriculture Department Chairman Craig Zimprich says the Ag Land Lab will allow students to make decisions, collect data and see how these... (full story)

Randy Russell, who leads the Russell Group, says a unique alliance is attacking crop insurance. "We've got this very interesting coaltion on the left with the Environmental Working Group and on the right with the Heritage Foundation. They're very serious about trying to go after the crop insurance... (full story)

Agriculture Today for Friday, November 17, 2017 (full story)

Country Morning for Friday, November 17, 2017 (full story)

CHS has named Rick Dusek as the executive vice president for its country operations division. Dusek most recently served as vice president of CHS Agronomy and previously oversaw North American commodity trading and risk management for the cooperative. Dusek is a Grafton, North Dakota native and a... (full story)

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition has hired Sarah Fitzgerald as its communications coordinator. Fitzgerald is an Illinois native who has worked for the Quad City Botanical Center and two county Soil and Water Conservation Districts. (full story)

The keynote speaker for the American Agri-Women’s national convention, Associated Milk Producers Incorporated co-president and CEO Sheryl Meshke told attendees to step out and redefine their role in agriculture. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in traditional agricultural roles... (full story)

In Minnesota, agriculture is the heart and soul of the state. Learn more in this weekly update from the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.  (full story)

Hear from the Minnesota Beef Council and the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association in their weekly Minnesota Beef Update. Learn more about revisions to the Beef Quality Assurance program. (full story)

Policy issues are critically important to everything that we do. This past week, RRFN was able to report on grassroots policy development at state Farm Bureau and Farmers Union meetings. At the same time, RRFN was walking the hallways of Congress and meeting with the power players in agricultural... (full story)

Pipeline Foods LLC is building a new grain terminal in Bowbells, North Dakota. This project is designed to complement three other recent elevator acquisitions in North Dakota and Saskatchewan. The Minneapolis-based Pipeline Foods focuses exclusively on non-GMO and organic food and feed. (full story)

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