Growing Value with Precision

The right crop inputs – and the latest technology – drive crop production success. CHS has partnered with some of the leading precision agriculture companies and has global supply connections to ensure producers have access to essential crop nutrients during planting and fall fertilizer seasons.  Along with your local CHS agronomist, CHS YieldPoint™ consultative services can help you pinpoint specific information, insight and data to take your fields to a new level of precision and productivityOur knowledgeable CHS YieldPoint™ Specialists leverage proven technology, giving producers access to valuable tools that are essential for success.


Today’s tech-savvy producers count on their agronomic advisors to use the latest in precision agriculture techniques and communicate on-the-go. While high tech is a must, it’s the high-touch personal relationships and trust built with our growers that bring producers back for products and services season after season.


Through CHS YieldPoint™, our precision agriculture program can help you tighten productivity and get a jump on higher yields with pinpoint accuracy. Now is the time to bring a greater degree of precision to your farming to ensure the most efficient, targeted application of your inputs based on local insights and sound agronomic practices. Ask us about:


·         Farm planning

·         Soil/grid zone testing

·         Prescription writing

·         Variable rate application

·         Drainage/Topo Mapping

·         Farm data management


Tighten Productivity with CHS YieldPoint

Tighten Productivity with CHS YieldPoint™ prescriptions

Good mapping is critical if you want to follow best management practices such as variable rate application. Using satellite imagery, software, GPS technology and local field knowledge and history, we’ll help determine the appropriate field boundaries or zones to maximize your results. We’ll also overlay proper agronomic and environmental data in order to achieve layered mapping, then create a data file that transfers maps to the application unit.

Your CHS YieldPoint™ specialist will calculate your variable rate prescriptions and make expert recommendations based on local insights and sound agronomy. We can help with:

·         Setting up zones or grids

·         Mapping lab results

·         Determining field boundaries

·         Digitizing

·         Creating variable-application maps

·         Developing seed and soil amendments

·         Non-application maps


Call us today to get started on the most efficient, targeted application of your inputs. Let’s discover precisely what your land can do for you.

Soil testing and analysis for better yields

Soil testing and analysis for better yields


We’ll help you scientifically sample your soil to determine precise nutrient needs within a field or zone. With our help, you’ll avoid under- or over-applying nutrients, which could rob you of profits.


Our CHS YieldPoint™ specialists take the hassle out of obtaining and interpreting accurate soil results. We can take care of:

·         Recommending the appropriate soil sampling method(s)

·         Setting up zones or grids

·         Pulling, labeling and shipping samples to a reputable laboratory

·         Interpreting sample results for your operation, including for variable rate fertility and planting as well as environmental stewardship


Soil sampling methods may include: composite sampling; geo-referenced sampling; grid sampling; and zone sampling. Call us today to get started.