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Growing value with precision

The right crop inputs — and the latest technology — drive crop production success. CHS is focused on helping you grow your operation by bringing you the latest in precision ag expertise, products and technology. From crop inputs — crop protection and nutrients — to the seed you plant, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Agellum®, a farm planning and management technology platform offered exclusively through your local CHS location, activates your farm’s unique data to empower better economic and agronomic decision making. Agellum gives you access to a powerful combination of innovative agronomy products, services, and technology all in one strategic platform. The analytical tools and dashboards in Agellum give you a 360º view of your farming operation and profitability.

Pulling together information from machinery, apps, scouting, sampling, weather and other sources, Agellum allows you to manage all your data in one place and easily evaluate every aspect of your operation. This powerful technology supplies the business intelligence and agronomic insight to help you efficiently manage your farm. Working to enhance profitability, Agellum brings comprehensive solutions for day-to-day, year-round and future farm success.

Lean more

CHS YieldPoint® services work alongside Agellum creating a total package where farm management insights meet precision agriculture expertise. Along with your local CHS agronomist, CHS YieldPoint specialists help pinpoint specific information, insight and data to take your fields to a new level of precision and productivity. Delivered through local experts, CHS YieldPoint supplies growers with precise knowledge tailored to each field’s needs.

Ask us about:

  • Farm planning
  • Soil/grid zone testing
  • Prescription writing
  • Variable rate application
  • Farm data management

Tighten Productivity with CHS YieldPoint® prescriptions

Good mapping is critical if you want to follow best management practices such as variable rate application. Using satellite imagery, software, GPS technology and local field knowledge and history, we’ll help determine the appropriate field boundaries or zones to maximize your results. We’ll also overlay proper agronomic and environmental data in order to achieve layered mapping, then create a data file that transfers maps to the application unit.

Your CHS YieldPoint® specialist will calculate your variable rate prescriptions and make expert recommendations based on local insights and sound agronomy. We can help with:

  • Setting up zones or grids
  • Mapping lab results
  • Determining field boundaries
  • Digitizing
  • Creating variable-application maps
  • Developing seed and soil amendments
  • Non-application maps

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